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Ama's Theme


Release Date: 24 November 2023

Format: Digital

Label: GH Recordings


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Ama's Theme


Ré Olunuga is a Nigerian composer of multi-genre orchestral and experimental music. With a unique approach to instrumentation that imbues his music with an unmistakable sense of engagement and tactility, Ré's work spans across film & TV soundtracks to ambitious art pieces and even a dalliance with the mainstream through collaborations with commercial recording artists. His score catalogue includes multiple Disney projects including his HMMA-nominated score for Disney's RISE, as well as many independent films such as his BIFA nominated score for Girl.

The themes of my score for Adura Onashile's "GIRL" emerge from the two main perspectives explored in the film; the innocent awakenings and curiosities of a young girl growing up, and the slow resurfacing of her mother's trauma in the face of her growth. These two perspectives are linked to each other with plenty of love, tenderness and beauty but also, a recurrent weave of fear and anxiety.

The music aims to mirror all of that complexity and it was brought to life with women's voices, string quartet and felted piano duo. Various elements of the vocal score were created through a process that was more akin to stage direction than traditional music conduction and recording. These elements were then collaged to create a very specific, unorthodox music aesthetic that felt true to the film as well as a new contribution to film music vocabulary.