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Alternate History 2


Release Date: 01 June 2022

Format: Digital

Label: No Image


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Atom Of Warmth (2022 Remaster) [5:26]

The Wanton Subtlety Of Monna Tessa (2022 Remaster) [7:41]

Mondo Profondo 2 (2022 Remaster) [8:42]

Beat No 3 [4:10]

Andromeda Approaches (2022 Remaster) [3:58]

The Age Of Science & Enlightenment (2022 Remaster) [4:43]

Tigermoth (2022 Remaster) [7:42]

The Atom Age Sense Of Impermenance (2022 Remaster) [5:25]

Fold 2 (2022 Remaster) [4:08]

Waltz Of The Veiled King (2022 Remaster) [2:41]

Nemesis First Contact [4:51]

Invaders From Venus (2022 Remaster)

Karda A.D. 1972 [5:31]

It Would Be So Nice (2022 Remaster) [4:30]


New compilation album featuring 7 non-album tracks that were either done for other projects or are unreleased archive pieces. All other of the tracks have been remastered for this project as well. Includes covers of Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricone & Steve Hackett. 74 minutes playing time.
1. Atom Of Warmth (Richard Wileman)
2. The Wanton Subtlety Of Monna Tessa (Richard Wileman)
3. Mondo Profondo 2 (Richard Wileman, Mohadev, Benjamin DeGain, Stuart Rowe, Kavus Torabi, Phil Mercy
4. Beat No 3 (Ennio Morricone)
5. Andromeda Approaches (Richard Wileman)
6. The Age Of Science & Enlightenment (Richard Wileman)
7. Tigermoth (Steve Hackett)
8. The Atom Age Sense Of Impermanence (Richard Wileman)
9. Fold 2 (Richard Wileman)
10. Watlz Of The Veiled King (Jane Murphy)
11. Nemesis First Contact (Richard Wileman)
12. Invaders From Venus (Richard Wileman / Amy Hedges)
13. Karda A.D. 1972 (Richard Wileman)
14. It Would Be So Nice (Richard Wright)