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Release Date: 11 November 2013

Format: CD Album

Label: Genepool Records



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01. Luna Attractions
02. A Beginning
03. The Under Side
04. Amplitude
05. Seed
06. Failure (Stained Light)
07. One Three Five
08. A Ribbon Snake
09. Celebration and Absence
10. Aether


File under: Indie / Experimental / Space Rock

This second offering feels like the band's most focused to date. Although it is only their second full length, it is their eighth release overall, making them clear contenders as one of the most hard working bands in the underground scene. 'Luna Attractions' packs a punch as the first track on the album, with hints of hectic Sonic Youth rock, crescendoing into glorious noise. This slides effortlessly into 'A Beginning' and that in turn takes a darker turn as you reach the middle of the album. 'Amplitude' feels like Metz, slowed down, given The Cure treatment and a Slint-esque post-rock edge. It's quite a mix and a testament to the band's varied influences. Aether was mastered by Spacemen 3 founder Sonic Boom who's worked for MGMT as well as mastering records for Wooden Shjips and Red Krayola.