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Release Date: 16 August 2010

Format: CD Album

Label: Peski



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1. Aerophlot
2. Amine
3. Laika
4. Superstar Girl
5. 060606
6. Moscow 705
7. Recovery
8. Prypiat
9. See Me Out
10. Arkhangelsk
11. Dada Love
12 Anin


Aerophlot is an intentionally world-weary and melancholy album based on childhood memories and the Russian space race. Having released the folky 'Flatyre EP' (2005) and italo disco influenced 'Look Away Now EP' (2008), Jakokoyak began recording Aerophlot, his first proper album, a downtempo masterpiece full of wonderous electronic bleeps and beautifully eerie pop melodies. It contains tales about an abandoned Ukrainian city (Prypiat), the first dog in space (Laika), Yuri Gagarin's very own postcode (Moscow 705) and a private seaside in Sweden (Amine).

Recorded, produced, performed and conceived by Rhys Edwards the album received musical supervision from Cardiff legend, Sir Doufus Styles and features contributions from Super Furry Animals/The Peth's Dafydd Ieuan and Guto Pryce, backing vocals from the wonderful Cate Le Bon and some shouting by Cardiff's town crier.