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Release Date: 09 June 2014

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Skelly Records




Ads [3:01]
Mr. Fist [4:02]


A crisp, contemporary take on the classic British pop band, the appropriately-evocative world of MOVIE is comprised of Korean frontman Theo Spark (vocals/guitar), Jamie Stiby Harris (vocals/keys/guitar) and Ollie Tobin (bass). 22 years old and friends from the age of 10, their sound seems inspired by the post-punk precision of Orange Juice, the urbane lyricism of Blur, and the 60s-pop harmonies of Helen Shapiro. Already their songs are short, sharp and stylish;; full of winks and nods (rhyming 'coupe' with 'toupee') but offering an immediate breath of fresh air amidst the new bands gunning for 2014.