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Accident Of Birth


Release Date: 26 January 2024

Format: Digital

Label: Disciple Music

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Rise Up Africa [3:48]

Annihilation Of Wack Emcees [3:42]

Bottom of Society [3:52]

They Want All Of It [4:19]

Real Hip Hop [4:13]

Metaphysical Disorder [3:36]

Spirit of Revolution [3:51]

MMM (the Money, the Music, the Message) [2:56]

Double Standard [5:16]

The Accident of Birth [4:38]

Guerilla Warfare [4:15]

Courage of My Conviction [3:48]


Swiss Hip Hop Emcee Oliver Pulfer Aka 'The Disciple' drops his debut album "Accident of Birth." The album includes his first three singles, 'Metaphysical Disorder', 'Bottom Of Society' and 'Annihilation Of Wack Emcees'. The Disciple's lyrics talk about Western exploitation in third-world countries, international politics, and revolutionary concepts.