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Release Date: 04 October 2019

Format: Digital

Label: London Dope Boy Empire


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A1 [3.39]


I was born in England and raised up in north London. I experienced getting move around a lot to different areas but my mum worked really hard to put food on the table for us. She had seven children four girls, three boys I'm the oldest brother. As I got older I got into trouble in and out of school I was a rebel. I had a lot of anger inside of me and sometimes I didn't know how to control it so I started to fight. I got excluded a lot from school because of my behavior, I was known for kicking ass in school meaning that out of all my friends they would come to me because they knew I wouldn't have a problem with approaching the issue out with anyone because I like to fight. I just needed someone to direct me into the right path but my dad wasn't around all the time. They brought in a mentor for me called Desmond because of my behavior I found that he understood a lot and that made me have a better connection with him. Sometimes he would bring his music equipment in and it made me channel my love for music and from then what he taught me has stuck with me. Desmond could only save me sometimes but eventually I got kicked out from school because I got accused of hitting my head teacher. From then on I tried college but I didn't have anyone directing me and pushing me, I had no money and was getting fed up with life at that point and it drew me closer to the street life. Everyone around me was involved all my friends, I knew it was wrong but what could I do at that time I was young and naïve and didn't have clue about the world and what it could offer me, I was thinking about fast money and not the consequences that it could bring.