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A War of Nerves


Release Date: 03 September 2007

Format: CD Album

Label: Skipping Beats




1. War of Nerves Part 1~prologue
2. Plastistatic
3. Only as Multiple
4. The Day the Earth Stood Still
5. War of Nerves Part 2
6. Ten to Two
7. Yasa
8. War of Nerves Part 3~epilogue


Mr. Ronz (Adam Lewis) is a Welsh producer, now living and working in
London. The mini album is a solo debut release for the man best known for writing the title track to hit British movie 'Kidulthood', alongside his band mates Arkane. He was also responsible for a mix for a Boxfresh clothing collection, a series of CDs that had previously provided valuable ground level publicity for the likes of DJ Yoda.

The cover of this very organic and orchestral Electronica CD shows vintage flying saucers looming above a long since rebuilt London. This CD may have been produced using the most modern equipment and techniques but it exudes an almost out of time quality. The rich but haunting strings employed throughout the tracks are often transferred to the stage by use of a string quintet, a live methodology that proved to be a success during a recent support slot with Daedelus.

The mix of sci-fi strings and booming beats featured in 'The Day the Earth
Stood Still' and the grand build up of 'Yasa' sit comfortably alongside the mini album's more contemplative moments. 'A War of Nerves' carries the mark of a man unafraid of big sounds and letting ideas flow and develop. Straddling the past and the future, Mr.
Ronz' first act of nerve warfare is likely to result in goosebumps.