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A Parting Kiss


Release Date: 01 October 2008

Format: Digital

Label: Prisdigital


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A Parting Kiss


The Pristines out of Coventry, England
Indie lo-fi guitar pop with a touch of psychedelia.
Released 4-track tape cassette albums via fanzines in the early 90s before singles for Pillarbox Red (UK) and most notably Sunday Records (USA).
The Pristines first album Teen-Fraud, Pop-Whore (part one) released in 1995.
Also worked with other labels notably Elefant(Spa),Meller Welle Produkte(Ger),A Turntable Friend(Ger) and Sofa (Japan)
The Pristines still release CD albums today mainly self-produced. "Teen-Fraud" was followed up by Get Caught in Showtime(2000),and the much darker Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?(2003).Before a 17-track third album Coping: Not Coping(2005)
Recently MySpace has led to further releases,2007 saw the release of a 3-track single on Miami based Cloudberry records
More recent developements have seen The Pristines release the album States of Mine in 2008 on Series Two Records (US)