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A Nightmare On Stern Street


Release Date: 31 October 2014

Format: Digital

Label: Spacekave Recordings

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Striking The Lightening [4:48]
Nightmare On Stern Street Feat. DJ Case [5:13]
Police And Riots Feat. DJ Buttaphingaz [4:35]
Struggling Juggling Feat. Izzie Voodoo [5:23]
Scream For More [4:21]
Lean Up Feat. MC Chug and DJ Buttaphingaz [5:18]
Banging Your Fist Feat. DJ Tones [5:05]
Jah Victory Feat. Big Dutty Deeze [4:11]
Stern Ain't Going Out Like That [3:17]
Everywhere I go Feat. Izzie Vodoo and DJ Case [4:42]
Bounce Feat. Big Dutty Deeze [6:02]
Not Enough Heroes Feat. Natalie Evans [5:09]
Marathon (Son Of A Son Part II) [6:02]


MC Stern first officially hit the UK Hip Hop scene in 1991 with a release from Ruff Kut Recordings called Take Me Away at the tender age of 14. After a long break he returned to the scene in 2010 through the bands Ziphedz and Bus Stop Politics. Making tunes with @KSpacekase they put out a mixtape called Return of the stern followed by this album A Nightmare On Stern Street.

The 13 track release features artists like Big Dutty Deeze, Natalie Evans, Izzie Voodoo and MC Chug chipping in with vocal features. Also cuts from DJ Tones, DJ Case and DJ Buttaphingaz. The album is a look at various themes and life stories spanning a number of genres within the core of hip hop.