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A Distant Goodbye


Release Date: 11 September 2020

Format: Digital

Label: Fat Toad


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A Distant Goodbye [2:56]


Wille Edwards – Cornwall-based musician, eclectic songwriter and frontman of internationally-acclaimed band Wille and the Bandits.

Wille has performed the world over, from Broadway to the West end, from the caverns of North Devon to the mountaintops of Switzerland and from the ancient cities of Poland to the modern metropolis of Sydney. Rarely does a song featuring Wille as a solo artist or full band not completely captivate people with the raw delivery of spellbinding songs that leave audiences in pieces.

This release is inspired by the pandemic the world finds itself gripped in and the isolation so many people are feeling as a result. The song is written after a conversation with a neighbour unable to visit his mum in his family home. The song tugs at the heart strings and resonates with many people unable to visit love ones in these crazy times.