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8 Tragedies, 2 Love Songs And A Breakdown


Release Date: 26 July 2010

Format: CD Album

Label: Lighthouse Records



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I Want Him Dead
I Need A Man
Juniper Suction
Let There Be Light
I'm On Fire
Are We Even Now?
You've Hung The Wrong Bitch
This Is The Age Of The Black Hole
The Lighthouse


"One of the most delicious instant classics. Spine-tingling, a voice that positively crackles with vengeance"- Rock's Back Pages

"Captivating music that enraptures the mind completely" – Gig Junkie

"If you like Diamanda Galas and Lydia Lunch, Melpomeni is for you, lots of dark eye make-up and dark attitude, very much the underground performance artist. Straighter than you might expect but not in any way straight." - Artrocker

"Undeniably compelling, a riveting vocal performance and the fundamental difference between a pop song worth listening to and one that isn't." Sound On Sound

Melpomeni is the muse of tragedy in ancient Greek mythology;; a drama queen. How fitting then that her namesake is just like her;; an Australian with Greek parentage, this Melpomeni is a free spirit and walking psychodrama.

Melpomeni calls herself a "philosophical songwriter". Her debut album 8 Tragedies, 2 Love Songs & A Breakdown is an ode to her eclectic influences, musical experimentation and a nod to the darker side of herself. Her passion for music and life are spliced into one and magnificently presented in an eleven-song trip that uniquely highlights the many darker shades of Melpomeni's character.

Some may know Melpomeni as a member of the classical chart topping vocal ensemble Mediaeval Baebes but with this release, she intends to really make her mark as a solo artist. Self financed, self penned and self produced for the most part, the album combines the sombre melodramatic elements of Anthony & the Johnsons on tracks such as 'I Want Him Dead' interwoven with melodic and optimistic pop sensibilities of 'Let There Be Light' which are swiftly crushed by her harrowing female vocals akin to Diamanda Galas on 'This Is The Age Of The Black Hole'.

With song titles like 'I Need A Man' and 'I Want Him Dead' Melpomeni isn't just highlighting femininity but is aiming to bring to light her thoughts on the human condition: "I'm not a man hater. My hatred isn't that limited. I hate everyone!" she says half tongue in cheek, half completely serious.

Friedrich Nietzsche was also a big influence on her, especially The Birth of Tragedy, where the notions of destruction and being constructive at the same time are addressed. This is the perfect summary to Melpomeni's brilliant debut. She lulls you in with gorgeous piano melodies and stunning vocals one moment then cuts you down with tension-piercing lyrics, clattering noises and howls the next. A conscious decision was made to omit guitars on this album, yet Melpomeni still manages to create an engulfing chaos as each song tells its own story, some drenched in piano feedback and some utilising amongst other instruments chains, pots and pans and a sewing machine.

Melpomeni aims to weed out the weak and show the world she is more than just another female voice. She is an insightful songwriter, unafraid to poke fun at herself and search for meaning in her surroundings.