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Release Date: 17 May 2010

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Barhouse Records



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A 6174
B Atlas Moans


"Strumstep pioneers who fuse indie and dubstep as they perform live to create a genre all their own." Dazed & Confused

"On the surface - an exciting new atmosphere of underground music - but scratch the surface and a political satire and critique of oppression in the best possible way." ArCh Review

"Don't Wait Animate are a full-on, pogo-ing tour de force. When everyone else is pretending to make innovative music, DWA are doing something of genuine note." Andy Jones

Exciting young electro punk five-piece Don't Wait Animate are breaking out of East London with a pioneering mix of new wave guitars underpinned by a dark, weighty mix of dub, bassline and crushing dubstep.

Their debut single "6174" is the perfect snapshot for these dire times. Laced with satire, the lyrics tear into the "current economic climate" while describing one man's personal financial nightmare. The Dancehall-esque beats, jerky guitars and strong synths giving the urge to hop around quicker than a City Boy trader who's just spilt his Frappuccino all over his keyboard. A real credit crunch anthem.

Coming from a diverse mix of backgrounds from all over the UK, in little under a year Don't Wait Animate have quickly made a name for themselves among London's underground hotspots with their energetic live shows and their incendiary, bass-heavy DJ sets. Dazed & Confused, Rough Trade and industry tastemakers CMU Daily have all heaped lavish praise on the band whilst recent remixes of The XX, Robot Disaster & Delphic have turned many heads in the blogosphere.