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3 Minutes 4 U


Release Date: 08 April 2007

Format: 7inch Vinyl Single

Label: Miron Music



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1. 3 Minutes 4U
2. Lost Summer of Love

Side A – Produced by The Trudy, Mixed by Tim Smith
Side B – Produced by Trudy & Tim Smith. Engineered by Tim Smith who sat in the Sonic Technician's Chair


All the ingredients are there – golden, chunky, treble-busting guitars, a singer with a perfect balance between vulnerability and shopping-list-reading disinterest, and the almost obscene use of melody throughout. And despite the fact that The Trudy have been around so long that their early singles were probably played by a youthful John Peel on wax cylinder, it's as fresh as the pollen-infested early summer breeze. (Frink Music)

Crazy, crazy, crazy... surely The Trudy isn't the same The Trudy that was knocking around twenty years ago? Apparently so, which is why it's so weird that '3 Minutes For You' (on their own label) sounds so bloody ace, like a scrumptious amalgamation of St. Etienne, The Primitives and Echobelly, all summery, grin-inducing pop. (Playlouder)

Like Morrissey obsessed with Heart, on anti-depressants, with one heck of a hook on his hands. (Subba-Cultcha)

Reviews for Lost Summer of Love

Imagine every element, nuance and trickery associated with the art form known as "pop". Distil it and you have The Trudy. (Unpeeled)

The Trudy deliver another slice of pop which proves that you can have your cake and eat it! I'm hard pressed to recall if anyone else has provided such consistent and wonderful vocals as Melissa Jo Heathcote has done this year. (Sounds XP)

A B52s inspired slab of shimmering guitar pop genius. (musicOMH)