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#1 If It Fights The Hammer, It Will Fight The Knife


Release Date: 16 August 2011

Format: CD Album

Label: Believers Roast




1. Fly She
2. Thisis
3. Hapless Dumb
4. Damned Lies
5. Truth Be Told
6. My New Mission
7. Under The Tide
8. The Coffee Is Cold
9. Profane
10. Cry Havoc, Cry Wolf
11. Frankenshit
12. Finally A Waltz for Mum, A Waltz For Dad


After what seems like an eternity, finally the first album is finished and soon to be available. This material has been seized fast in the production process for forever, in fact ever since that Cawthra bloke departed Cardiacs all those years ago, with only one tune released on the "Affectionate Friends" album and a cover released as part of the "Leader Of The Starry Skies" collection in the meantime. So here then is the first installment of a collection of songs drawn from who knows where, for reasons we will never know.