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Release Date: 14 February 2011

Format: Digital

Label: GasmanMusic


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1 Arrectores Pilorum
2 Glace?
3 I Waste Your Time
4 Spinner
5 Jab
6 Gasconade
7 Auroral
8 Mew
9 Pump Room
10 Electrolytix
11 Opalesce
12 Hoovers
13 Sharp Corner
14 Tonge
15 Mirrorlike


The Gasman, Portsmouth's Christopher Reeves, has recorded releases for various imprints including Planet Mu, Terminal Dusk, Sublight, The Centrifuge and his own label Gasman Music. He takes his influences from The Cardiacs, Aphex Twin and classical music. His sound can be very dreamlike, intense and euphoric with an aim to move both physically and emotionally.

003 is his 11th album in a career spanning 8 years, and the 2nd album to be released on Gasman Music.

Even though 003 is an album predominantly made up of sounds associated with 90's dance music, it has more in common with progressive rock and is for more open-minded music fans looking for foreground rather than background music.