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@ The Bridge House '79

by Gerry McAvoy Live Jam 09.02.1979

Release Date: 07 February 2011

Format: Digital

Label: Bridge House Records

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1 The Rules Are Right
2 4 O'clock In the Morning
3 Walking In the Sun
4 Walkin the Dog
5 It's All Over Now
6 My Girl
7 Slow Down
8 Route 66


Gerry McAvoy - Bass, Steve Waller - Vocals & Guitar, Stevie Smith - Vocals and Harmonica, Ted McKenna - Drums, Brendan O'Neill - Percussion, Ron Carthy - Trumpet, Mick Eaves - Sax

As we prepare to release a live gem from the Bridge, once again we all know how lucky we were to hear this music and guess what, it sounds better now than when we first heard it way back in 1979. This previously unreleased recording has been hidden in storage for over 30 years and only recently surfaced to be lovingly remastered for your pleasure.

Gerry McAvoy never ever had a bad night, he would gather the cream of British rock and blues stars who would come on down for one of his nights, queuing to get on stage and have a blow. These included Rory Gallagher, Paul Jones, Chris Thompson, Huey Lewis and Dave Edwards, all great vocalists and musicians. There were many other artists who also arrived to jam, too many to mention.

In this instance the musicians that turned up were;; Steve Waller, no question one of the great British Blues artists, that also made so many unusual new sounds with his talkbox. He was playing regularly at the Bridge and was also chosen by Manfred Mann to join his band to tour and record. Little Stevie Smith on Harmonica and Vocals formed his own Blues Band called SALT that packed every gig they played. Ted McKenna and Lou Martin were with Gerry in the Rory Gallagher band, Brendon O'Neill became Rory Gallagher's drummer, Ron Carthy and Mick Eves on Trumpet and Sax, add the cream to the top and it overflows. Brenden and Gerry are still playing together today in the great Nine Below Zero.

And do not forget to join in the chorus of 'Walking the Dog'. The deep Baritone you hear in the middle is me, can you outdo me? Give it a TRY.

Regards and happy listening. Terry M