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Best Practices For Submitting Lyrics

  • We deliver to Apple and othe retailers - but please be aware Spotify pull their lyrics from a third party ( so please use them to get your lyrics onto Spotify
  • Lyrics should accurately match the audio on the given track.
  • Lyrics should contain all vocal content that is significant to the song, including sung lyrics and significant sampled vocal content.
  • Spoken phrases that are integral to the song should be included in the Lyrics, but extended spoken or conversational words should not.Separate individual lyriclines with a single space.
  • Separate lyrical stanzas, significant music changes and changes between major structural parts of the song (verse, chorus, pre-chorus, bridge, etc.) with a double space.
  • Do not label different sections of the lyrics (verse, chorus, etc.).
  • Background vocals – those heard as secondary to lead vocals in the foreground - may be added in parenthesis. Eg: All the times that I've cried (Stay, stay)
  • Do not put periods or commas at the ends of lyric lines.
  • Single exclamation points or question marks may be used as needed at the ends of lyric lines. Do not use them multiple times for emphasis.
  • Individually enter all repeated lyric lines. Do not use “(Repeat)” or “x 3”. Ellipses may be used to indicate repeated lines only during the fadeout at the end of a song.
  • Profanity should be fully transcribed on explicit versions of songs. On clean versions of explicit songs, censored or edited words should use asterisks for any part of the word that is made inaudible or masked (eg: “don’t give a f***”) or be completely replaced with asterisks if the entire word has been censored (eg: “don’t give a ****”).
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