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Indie music label and distributor

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Getting your music onto Vinyl or CD

Genepool are partnered with DMS (Disc Manufacturing Services) for all of their manufacturing and have been using them for many years. We cannot recommend them highly enough. If you need Vinyl or CDs manufactured look no further...

Disc Manufacturing Services

As the only major supplier of vinyl records, discs and custom packaging in the Southwest of England, DMS have a rich history of supporting local creative ventures, educational projects, grassroots music venues and emerging artists and labels. DMS is comprised of musicians and artists, record store owners and vinyl enthusiasts, fuelled by the passions of the independent sector to want to make a lasting difference to the music industry.

DMS provide the friendliest and most down-to-earth service possible, with efficiency and quality at the heart of their operations, and super competitive prices that reward their loyal custom. In their free time they are gig-goers and songwriters, photographers and event organisers, crate diggers, community activists and inherent believers that music is one of the most vital cornerstones of our society.

DMS was born in the Southwest and has grown alongside some of the now-most successful independent labels in the industry. DMS operate outside of the major city bubble, yet remain one of the key players in the manufacturing game. DMS pride themselves with the capability to handle everything from huge and incredibly complex box sets with special inks and print finishes to the simpler of products. If you create music, press records or sell CDs then DMS would love to meet you. Take a look around and If you like what you see, please drop them a line at

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