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Indie music label and distributor

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About Genepool

The Genepool Records label was set up in 2003 out of frustration really. So many of our friends were in bands... good bands...and they couldn't get a break. So we decided just to do it ourselves, and started doing small runs of vinyl and CDs and getting them out to radio and press.

Sir Zane Lowe, Kevin Greening (R.I.P) and Marsha Shandur were early supporters of our releases and helped enormously in getting some much needed profile...soon the need for UK distribution was necessary and Genepool Distribution was born, plugging into the Universal Music distribution network. This meant that we could keep releasing indie records, but get them into shops around the country.

It also meant we could give other labels and acts the chance to do the same, and benefit from the Universal Machine by being part of the Genepool family of distributed labels. 

MP3's started selling, and we integrated a digital distribution service into Genepool, so we could supply the major digital providers with our digital product, and streaming was also soon integrated

Haim, Hard-Fi, Newton Faulkner, Jungle and Wolf Alice to name a few, and all distributed by Genepool - went on to sign to major labels

So in 2008, it seemed to make sense to launch Not just an online store, but somewhere that bands could release their records without going through the full distribution service. You can upload your digital to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer etc... A one stop shop for advice and guidance on all aspects of getting a release to your fans. Nice and DIY

Any comments, feedback or ideas - by all means drop us a line at

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