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Zuma's Zoo


Release Date: 13 April 2018

Format: Digital

Label: OTZ Productions

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Rex Steele - Zero 11 [3:49]
Rex Steele and Slush Papi – Soul [3:00]
Slush Papi – Vuka Kleva [04:15]
Rex Steele – Free30K [03:16]
Slush Papi – Jozi Shii (Cruisin') [03:48]
Rex Steele - Insane [02:41]
Slush Papi – Living out our dreams [04:30]


South African Hip Hop artists Rex Steele and Slush Papi release the soundtrack to their Music Video Documentary film 'Zuma's Zoo'. This is the story of 2 hip-hop creatives in a troubled environment finding a way to overcome the struggle through music and art.

The Documentary is a reflection of modern day South Africa seen through the eyes of 2 rappers. Gujwa Aka Rex Steele explains – "Zuma's Zoo is about creating a new platform to showcase our music, to creatively depict our surroundings and artistry into one form. Which is why this is not entirely a documentary but more of a depiction of a lifestyle, as our regular lives and hustle / grind in this lovely city of ours is promulgated".