Good Feeling


Release Date: 08 October 2012
Format: Digital
Label: Snowdog Records

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Good Feeling (Acoustic Version) 3:01


When it comes to toeing the party line, there is no-one who likes to fly in the face of convention more than classically trained singer-songwriter Hannah. Recently selected to feature on the world famous Cafe Del Mar chill out series for the second album in succession - alongside Faithless, Moby, Underworld, Chicane and some of the most eclectically diverse Electronic Dance Music artists of all time – her poker faced flair for oscillating neatly between genres and keeping everyone guessing her next move is unparalleled.

Inevitably then, ‘Good Feeling’ is a straight-out-the-box, sing-a-long, summertime pop-dance anthem with more daytime radio appeal than a collaboration between Kylie and Daft Punk.The secret behind the songwriting, however, lies in the flawless acoustic version– the icing on the cake for the music purists.