Brick By Brick


Release Date: 30 May 2012
Format: Digital
Label: Rustik Records

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Intro 4:29
What ya wanna hear 3:55
The power of words 3:46
End of the road 3:53
Banjo boogie 3:54
All work no play 3:52
Playlist 4:39
Release 3:52
One Ina Million 4:18
Certified foot stomper 3:12
Playground politicks 4:13
Three point five 4:30
Gusset puncher 4:10
Wedge it up 4:21


Born Ina Barn are an unorthodox mash up Hip-Hop collective blending genre's with a combination of drum breaks, clever sampling, heavyweight bass lines and purring guitar riffs.

Their début release Brick by brick is testament to this approach, every track switches in style, tempo and technique, quirky hooks, sneaky punch lines and slightly outlandish views. The live band have had critical acclaim from the likes of BBC Introducing, Barry Ashworth 'Dub Pistols' and DJ Format to name a few, considered a breath of fresh air its safe to say the future is looking bright for these emerging musical menaces.