Yearning Better EP


Release Date: 25 March 2012
Format: Digital
Label: Pale Fire Records

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Pointing North 3:52
Love & Hate 4:26
Dappled Shade 3:30
Spilt Milk 3:24


Amber States are an indie folk 5-piece formed in London in 2010. At once uplifting and melancholic, their songs are crafted from strong melodies and beautiful four-part vocal harmonies. Moving between delicate acoustic arrangements of cello, banjo and piano and a harder, rock sound, they have honed a stirring live set which has ranged from intimate unplugged shows to festival stages.

This, their second self-released EP, was recorded at Strongroom Studios, Shoreditch by Matt Ingram (Laura Marling's drummer) and Dan Cox of Urchin Studios. The tracks were all recorded live - in one day - with the aim of capturing the sound and energy of their live performance.