Piece by Piece


Release Date: 06 February 2012
Format: Digital
Label: Good Bait

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Piece by Piece (Original) 3.35
Piece by Piece (Guy Furious Remix) 3.41
Piece by Piece (Sculptures Remix) 3.08


Dark pop trio Charleston formed in London in early 2011. They begin 2012 with their first official release, Piece by Piece, a song about regressing to a primal like state, forgetting everything you have formed or established. In a society where a fast paced existence is the norm, the idea of forgetting everything and just being human may be idealistic, but itís certainly refreshing. Brooding drums, sawing synthís and anthemic harmonies, Charlestonís debut is an enchanting and uplifting affair.
With the original having already picked up some exciting hype from the blogosphere Piece by Piece comes complete with remixes from two up and coming UK producers, Guy Furious & Sculptures.