Don't Look Indoors


Release Date: 05 December 2011
Format: Digital
Label: Crystalline Recordings

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A Call To Arms 4:38
Blind Summit 4:10
Alliance 5:17
The Way I Think About My Life 4:40
Exile 3:21
Here Be Dragons 4:59
Picking At The Bones 3:51
So Others May Live 4:53
Branches 4:41
Where We're Supposed To Be 5:25
Glossary 2:48


Air Cav can finally announce the release of their long-awaited debut album Donít Look Indoors, on Crystalline Recordings on December 5.

The release marks the culmination of time spent in the shadows, working on something that they could irrevocably call theirs, something that bled their own character and that wasnít a half-formed facsimile of different artists. The album will be preceded by the download-only single ĎA Call To Arms,í also out on Crystalline on November 7.
Press contact: simonjaycatling@gmail.com