Honey Where Your Mouth Is


Release Date: 10 October 2011
Format: Digital
Label: White Milk Records

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Shakes 4:16
Heart Xplode 2:54
Chasers 1:59
Milk It 4:02


According to XFM The Cut Outs are "The missing link between The Strokes, The Ramones, Pat Benatar and Roxy Music".
A fearless threesome of classic guitar, drums and bass, The Cut Outs make real music. Alan Parker (Director) has been quoted to say "If it was 15 years ago and I was still at EMI records, I'd be throwing cheques at these people".
Stevie Watson, Jess Coyne and Damian Horner Pausma who are The Cut Outs will undoubtedly without question make you take notice. A band that captures every part of your being, they make you feel like you've been caressed, punched, loved and blown apart all at the same time.
Honey Where Your Mouth Is, is the long anticipated Debut EP from the London band The Cut Outs.