A Band on Ship ( Bonus Edition )


Release Date: 05 September 2011
Format: Digital
Label: Sink Records/Matchbox Recordin

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Neurone Failure 4:45
Suffering Angel 3:11
No Mans Land 3:44
Seaways 4:28
Strange Creatures 4:10
Winter Moon 6:34
Teleport 4:08
Broken Hill 3:48
Dark Skies 2:39
Golden Gate 3:18
Beyond the Gallery 3:18
Neurone Failure ( Rachel Ellektra's Blitzed Edit ) 3:23
Neurone Failure ( Rachel Ellektra's Blitzed extended Mix ) 7:27
Neurone Failure ( Emergency Mix )
Neurone Failure ( Nix Mix ) 4:41


'A band on ship' were created, in an attempt to produce music, that bridges diverse styles. Fusing retro with modern, and both introspective, and inclusive lyrical content. Formed in 1998, influences include;- The Stranglers, Magazine, King Crimson, Captain Beefheart, Brian Eno, and Jazzzzzzzzzzz.

All backing tracks, were composed, produced, and played by, Nick Kranat.

Vocal melodies and lyrics, were written and performed, by Dave Pilberry

With special thanks to;- Roland, Keyfax, and Newtronic.