The Poetry Slam


Release Date: 28 June 2011
Format: Digital
Label: Cocohippo

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The Poetry Slam 2:53
Lets go home now 3:39
The dangers of space travel 4:20


The Poetry Slam was recorded in Stockholm in a little cupboard. Vinnie Peculiar recorded his vocals in Manchester and sent them to Stockholm by pigeon
Wilmacakebread started as Colin Greig, former bassist with Long Fin Killie who released 3 albums on the Too Pure Label in the mid nineties. it is now a loose collective involving various musicians in and around Stockholm. Since Long Fin Killie disbanding he has played on albums by Granada,Bows and Akatombo as well as releasing his own albums as wilmacakebread on the cocohippo label. He has also provided music for various art installations in Sweden