Tales To Be Told (Heavy Black Vinyl)


Release Date: 02 May 2011
Format: LP Vinyl
Label: Black Records


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Guns Like Drums
To Forgive
A Faded Rose
Little Girl
They Will Not Depart
Fever Lullaby
Cold Crazy Eyes
With You


On their new album, The Bookhouse Boys evolve from unruly bar band to shape shifting orchestral ensemble. Mixed by Joe Barresi (Queens Of The Stone Age, Tool) and featuring Johnny Flynn on violin, Tales To Be Told is released on 2nd May on Black Records.

The bare knuckled violence of their debut still cuts through on Guns Like Drums and Crazy Eyes, and the guitars rock heavier than ever on They Will Not Depart and Faded Roses, but elsewhere there is greater sensitivity and illicit tension, never more so than on the female fronted To Forgive and Fever Lullaby.

Thick with caustic guitar and the adrenaline spiking rallies of percussion, The Bookhouse Boys return with new single Guns Like Drums, a free download from March 18th.