The Ruin of Man


Release Date: 19 April 2011
Format: Digital
Label: Transcend Music

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1 The End
2 Anger on Reflection
3 Force Fed
4 Two Thousand Eight Hundred
5 The Man You Tried to Hide
6 Talking To The Ears of The Deaf
7 ...The Assassin
8 The Suffering
9 Wake Up Call
10 Numb
11 ...My Sins Have Become My Fears
12 A Final Idea
13 Hourglass


Sacred Mother Tongue have established themselves as one of the most respected British breakthrough artists in their genre.They have consistently delivered their own potent Rock/Metal crossover mix, never failing to impress a crowd, whether playing on the huge festival stages of the likes of Download and Sonisphere, to the well trodden UK and European circuit.

The album 'The Ruin of Man' has received widespread critical acclaim, as evidenced in a selection of press quotes found online, and continues to gather pace around the world over a year after it's release.

As quoted from industry publication Music Week:

"This band have massive globe-bothering potential"

...this year they will fulfil that potential.