The Digital Divide


Release Date: 02 May 2011
Format: CD Album
Label: Otherside Recordings


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Black & White 4.59
Generation Waste 4.50
Burnout (Feat Graeme Cornies) 5.23
Aim Low 3.41
New Ascendancy 3.54
Save Yourself (Feat Graeme Cornies) 4.42
Wavelength 5.27
Welcome To Our World 4.37
Spit (Feat Graeme Cornies) 4.17
Memento 3.41
Undefeated (Feat Hounds) 5.26


Former Prodigy and Pitchshifter guitarist Jim Davies once again teams up with producer Pete Crossman for Victory Pillís brand new album ĎThe Digital Divideí set for release 02/05/11 on Otherside Recordings.

Three years on from the release of their critically acclaimed self titled debut, VPís new long player is an explosive yet harmonically rich offering that blurs the line between electronic and live instrumentation. ĎThe Digital Divideí not only shines a light on the incredible sonics that Davies evokes from his trusty guitar but also shows off Crossmanís range as a producer and beat aficionado. Itís a cross over of epic proportions and features guest appearances from Canadian vocalist Graeme Cornies (front man of Triptaka) and Hounds. The title itself neatly sums up the conceptual thought behind the music and invites the listener on a journey of discovery to pinpoint exactly where that divide is.