Tropical/I'm an Old Punk


Release Date: 26 September 2010
Format: Digital
Label: GutRot/SDM

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1. Tropical
2. I'm an Old Punk


Acting like an instruction manual to the next generation in how to live your life, ‘I’m An Old Punk’ dishes out the ideals of ’77; keeping the dream that Johnny Rotten pissed all over alive. ‘Tropical’ is the antidote, conjuring up a Shangri-la hidden between the paving stones and gutters of a grimy city.

With a splash of soul and a rinse-out in rhythm and blues, these boys sound like the remix of your long-lost pirate-grandaddy’s record collection. You won’t make head of them, but you might be able to catch their tailcoats breezing in the wind.

Rum Shebeen: David Ashby (Vocals), Matt Allchin (Guitar), James
McCool (Keyboards), Bob Doyle (Bass Guitar) and Bobby Hewitt (Drums).