Mary the Snowdeer, I Hate You


Release Date: 13 July 2010
Format: Digital
Label: Moonlet Productions

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Pirate (in my heart) 4:14
Lillipad Lover 2:26
Night Bees 4:08
Dry Martini 2:10
Made With Love 4:46
My Voice 4:01


Moonlet & the Love-monks are a 'more than two, but not quite three piece' band based in the South West. The group arose from the ashes of a heavy metal band that primarily wrote very serious songs about the weather. Over time they lost some members, got annoyed, gained some members, split up, regrouped then split up again, changed the name, had some coffee and eventually chilled the balls out. They re-emerged in 2009 as the newly formed Moonlet & the Love-monks, led by an angry Scottish chap prone to bouts of alcoholism and indecent exposure. Their mutual love of quirky lyrics, folky guitar, harmonies (especially Joe) and coffee has kept them together for a whole year.