Release Date: 15 March 2010
Format: Digital
Label: Munch Records

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1. The Dancer
2. Greedy Bastard


They are four best mates/musicians hailing from St Ives, Cornwall.
They formed Oracy late September 2007 and since have been gigging in and around the South West area performing their own blend of Indie Rock blended with some eletronic glitchy beats and some quirky synths.
They all love different genres and styles of music which then results in each of them bringing their individual influences to the mix, they don't aim to sound like any other band, ("It is better to fail in individuality than to succeed in imitation" ~ Herman Melville) , not that we intend to fail! Their intention is to SUCCEED through INDIVIDUALITY.

The bands first release through a label, it's the start of something big for the band and has already attracted interest from an established Publishing Company.