Jongleur Du Morte


Release Date: 30 November 2009
Format: Digital
Label: Peski Records

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Roced Pt. 1 1:36
Stalker 3:47
Oyaji 3:38
Dr.Manhattan 2:27
Capten 5:47
Sometimes (My arms bend backwards) 3:05
Asgwrn 4:10
Joints of Meat 3:32
Voodoo Love 3:26
Dwi'n teimlo... 3:41
#13 2:49
Deryn Corff 4:38
Roced Pt. 2 1:08


As some of you may know, maverick musical bandit David Mysterious released an EP called ‘Troubadour of the Unknown’ on peski records back in 2005. Since then the mysterious one has eluded the record label as they tried to track him down. In February this year they decided to take drastic action and broke into his last known address. They searched the house to no avail, and then entered the attic. There, they found David’s scrapbook filled with old photographs, drawings, writings, articles and a collection of new songs entitled ‘Jongleur Du Morte LP’. It seems the old boy has decided to disappear for good. To where, one can only guess, so it is with a heavy heart that peski will release his final album in early December 2009.