Hardcore Uproar 2009


Release Date: 19 October 2009
Format: Digital
Label: House Trained

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Hardcore Uproar 2009 (Radio Edit) 2:36
Hardcore Uproar 2009 (Sharooz Let's Get Hardcore remix) 7:37
Hardcore Uproar 2009 (One Man And His Dog remix) 7:32 Hardcore Uproar 2009 (Lee Mortimer remix) 6:42


20 years since the formation of TOGETHER, Hardcore Uproar returns to the floor more powerful than ever. Dedicated to the original Blackburn underground party scene, this all time dance classic has finally been revitalised in style for the next generation. Three massive club mixes from Sharooz, Lee Mortimer and One Man And His Dog accompany the huge anthemic radio edit