Stimulator 2


Release Date: 30 May 2009
Format: Digital
Label: Stimulator Records

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French Cinema
Friday's Millionaires
Bigger and Better
Love Will Keep Us Together
Gentlemen Prefer Polaroids
Tv Lovers


Take the groove and essence of classic Disco, mix it with Easy Listening California melodies and add quirky nuances of European Pop and you have the ingredients for Stimulator’s second album - Stimulator 2.

This American musical trio fronted by singer/songwriter/VJ Susan Hyatt (Pillbox UK) was the opening act of Duran Duran’s “Astronaut Tour,” the Go-Go’s reunion tour, winner of the John Lennon songwriting contest and handpicked for the WARPED Tour. Songs were licensed to NBC’s “Las Vegas,” MTVs “Real World.” Their cover of Olivia Newton John’s “Magic” was featured in Disney Film and soundtrack “Ella Enchanted.” Stimulator’s song “Let’s Hook Up’ was the theme song for E Entertainment’s “50 Hottest Hollywood Hook-ups.”

Featured Singles: On Holiday, Bigger and Better and Gentlemen Prefer Polaroids.
Category: Sunshine 70’s AM Radio influenced Disco Rock