Darling Bit Me


Release Date: 08 June 2009
Format: CD Album
Label: Genepool Records


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1 Sometimes
2 The Feast
3 Whole Lot Of Time
4 White Sky
5 Wolfie Boy
6 A Light Array
7 Come On Down
8 Nearly Us
9 Too Late
10 Devil In My Room
11 Obtain (The Harpoon Song)


“Taking influences from everything from rock’n’roll to opera to Brazilian dance beats to 1920s swing and back to rock’n’roll their music shows a kaleidoscope of genres” – ARTROCKER

“The Lazy cosmic skits and dreamlike harp sounds have a touch of Pink Floyd grandeur, even a little bit of early Verve too. Their name is almost as unique as their sound” – DISORDER

“Do not expect this to be the last you hear of them” – DROWNED IN SOUND

The Brian Jacket Letdown have finally emerged from studio hiding with one of the most varied and creative albums you’ll ever hear. Recorded ingeniously on bits of clapped-out vintage equipment with every instrument you can think of from bassoons, tubas, flutes, ukeleles, kitchen utensils and theremins to the usual guitars and drums, it makes for an exploratory listen.