Are You In Remission?


Release Date: 07 December 2008
Format: Digital
Label: Astrid Records

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Left Hand Never Moves 4:04
Sammy Davis Jr Jr 1:28
"it's 4am & backwards..." 4:45


Fronted and formed by Chris Anderson (vox, guitar), alongside Chris Minor (bass)& Richard Storer (drums)Firesuite are an ongoing musical endeavour, born out of the desire to create something hugely affecting.

All corners of the press have praised Firesuite’s demo recordings and live performance, proclaiming the band to be "Amazing. Original, diverse“(ROCKSOUND), and “intense and from the heart” (HIGH VOLTAGE).

"Are You In Remission?" is Firesuite's new e.p. Recorded with longtime friend Tom Henthorne, it takes in three significantly different offerings. "Left Hand Never Moves", a song as openly personal as any the band have recorded, begins with a firework and threatens throughout to pull you through the ceiling. "Sammy Davis Jr Jr" is fuzz and fury in 1:28, and the final track, "it's 4am & backwards..." is something else again...Prepare to be slowed down.