Crack Horse


Release Date: 03 November 2008
Format: CD Album
Label: Dead Famous Records


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This Song Might Save The Planet
Comin Down Blues
Come On, People (take me home)
Help Yourself
Heartache (dont make me feel like dancing)
Mary Jones
Soundtrack To Nowhere
Go Seek it Out
Something To Lose
Out Of The Dark


Imagine The Rolling Stones (1971) and Primal Scream (1991) joining forces with Bobby Womack and recording in a Motown studio with Daft Punk producing in 2007. You have Crack Horse. A heady cocktail of pop-rock and disco-strangeness to light up your night and pave your day.

Edgy, energetic, soulful, heartfelt – and that’s just lead track “THIS SONG MIGHT SAVE THE PLANET!” Dancefloor beats, piercing riffs, vibrant brass and melodies you can’t stop humming; this isn't just catchy - it's infectious. A sound of alarming potential and encouraging accessibility, maintaining a sense of individuality and purpose throughout – Crack Horse is a juggernaut – unstoppable, undeniable.

"The song is really cool... strong vocals and cool intro... good luck with the experiment!" - Robert Roth (Truly)