The Making Of A Bad Dream


Release Date: 24 July 2017
Format: Digital
Label: Rebel Records UK

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Welcome To The End Of The World [4:54]
Alcoholic Lovesong [4:58]
Everything He Wanted & More [3:46]
All The Love Songs [4:36]
U3 [4:18]
The Making Of A Bad Dream [4:12]
Unorthodox Love [4:44]
Merciless Heart [4:12]
Bite The Bullet [4:46]
Goodnight, AN [3:22]


'The Making Of A Bad Dream' is the second album from Newbury born singer-songwriter Lee Robert. Written during his time at Falmouth University,the album explores love, hate, desire and everything that goes through the heads of students struggling through university life, hard times and good. Perfect for a Saturday night, or a Sunday morning. Or pretty much every time.