Lyng Land EP


Release Date: 19 May 2017
Format: Digital
Label: Juno Stories

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Better [3:33]
Man Is Strange [3:47]
Dream Too Much [4:17]


Lyng Land is about growing up in a place where having colossal dreams isnít well regarded within the society and environment you come from: Inevitably it makes you a bit of an outsiderÖ people think of you as unrealistic, even ungrateful. Itís a beautiful and safe place to grow up, yet it can feel bleak and sterile, uninterested in what lies beyond itís own self-imposed borders - so music and films and books can make you desperately hungry for another life.

But if you are a dreamer, always planning an escape, where does that dreamchasing take you? Is the end destination where you really wanted to go?

So, the questions raised are: Who is more happy? The dreamers, the ones always chasing bigger and better things... Or the ones accepting life on a smaller scale, who recognise what they actually have already?