Release Date: 22 July 2016
Format: CD Album
Label: Straight Lines Are Fine


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Birds When Disturbed [3:17]
Derelict [2:37]
Panic [3:05]
Stumbling [4:14]
Ice In The Water [4:44]
New Year's Eve [3:51]
Unravelling [4:05]
Day For Night [3:09]
River [1:51]
The End Of Love [3:56]
Heart Going Home [2:58]


A dark album holding a mirror up to our dark times, Unravelling, the second record from Channel D, makes for a wholly intoxicating listening experience. Reflecting an age where to switch on the news is to dare ourselves to face the scariest parts of a horror film, resulting in – for an increasing number of us – a state of high anxiety, these are 11 songs which speak of acute turmoil, whether personal or universal.

From Kurdish Iraqi photographer Zewar Fadhil’s dramatic cover image of a distorted, featureless individual, to the often claustrophobic music contained within, Unravelling is an album which explores the shadiest corners of the human psyche, with its themes of alienation, fear, loneliness, insomnia, panic, madness, and ultimately dying and death itself.