Stars of CCTV


Release Date: 18 October 2004
Format: CD Album
Label: Necessary Records


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1.Cash Machine
2.Hard To Beat
3.Middle Eastern Holiday
5.Hard To Beatmix
6.Gotta Reason
7.Move On Now
8.Feltham Sings Out
9.Cash Machine Mix
10.Cash Machine CDRom Video


Hard-Fi release their debut album ‘Stars Of CCTV’ on 18th October 2004
through Necessary Records.
Single “Cash Machine” on 1st November 2004.


Richard Archer (vocals)
Ross Phillips (guitar)
Kai Stephens (bass)
Steve Kemp (drums)

Hard-Fi are the product of their environment, the sound of the suburbs
(Staines, west London to be precise - home to all four band members).
Like The Streets had he chosen guitars, Dexys and The Clash over samplers and Dre.
It’s the sound of a band raised on The Stones, Lee Perry, Curtis Mayfield and Happy Mondays.