Release Date: 11 July 2014
Format: CD Album
Label: Brotherhood Sounds


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1) Your Science
2) The Mutineers’ Call
3) Runny
4) Back into love
5) That won’t help you
6) Delight
7) Spooked
8) Gridlocked
9) The Mountain Song
10) The Merry-go-Round


A BODY OF PEOPLE would urge you to join their brotherhood with their debut album AMASSED. They invite you to join them in songs of joy and fraternity, sing along; safe and warm. The album contains songs on all the subjects correctly covered in music, love and protest. Produced by Christian Hayes (who also graces us with a beautiful guitar solo on "Back into love") the album is hand crafted with your enjoyment in mind. Listen to our exemplar tracks and if you like them please buy AMASSED and in doing so join our fraternity. In addition, if you like the band then please be so kind as to visit their Facebook page and "like" them. They like you. Peace, love and respect.