Mothersí Day

by AFS

Release Date: 12 March 2007
Format: 12inch Vinyl E.P
Label: Atomicduster Records


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1. Mothersí Day part 1 (Radio edit)
2. Nest Flight
3. Mothersí Day part 1 (Full version)
4. Mothersí Day part 2


Leicester musician Adham Fisher releases his debut single, Mothersí Day, under the guise of his pseudonym AFS (the Adham Fisher Show) on 12th March 2007 Ė just in time for the day in question. The story is an interesting one:

Fisherís friend Brad Korponay had bought an Amiga 2000 computer at a garage sale in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in the summer of 2001, and with the item there was a tape featuring the voice of a man giving instructions to his children on how to set the computer up. In the middle of Side 1, he breaks from instruction and tells them off for not having sent their mother a Motherís Day card. Having been sent this bizarre item by Brad, Adham went about setting the aforementioned reprimand to music.

On Side 2 the man continues his instruction until finally ending the recording with an apology, as he has realised that the children HAVE in fact sent a gift to their mum. Again, Adham set this to music and this makes up Part II. The recordingís date is estimated at being from the early 1990's. Nothing is known about who this man is. Mothersí Day was given press coverage in Canada in 2006 and Vic MacGlynn featured a song by Fisherís band GRR (Gun Running Rebels) in 2006. He has also had support from local radio stations in Leicester.