Coming Clean


Release Date: 16 October 2006
Format: CD Album
Label: Side Salad


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1. One Man’s Meat (feat. DAVID JOHANSEN)
2. Psycho
3. Coming Clean
4. Under My Wing
5. Fata Morgana
6. Evangeline
7. Follow
8. Skin Diving (feat. ELLI MEDEIROS)
9. Spirit Moves
10. Hurly Burly
11. Lands End (feat. RICHARD BARONE)
12. Mojo Pin
13. Autobahn - UK Bonus Track
14. Ain’t Got You - UK Bonus Track
15. Woke Up This Morning ( with ALABAMA 3) - UK Bonus Track


Coming Clean is the result of 7 years writing and recording by Gary Lucas and Gods and Monsters. The band is an incredible combination of legendary NY artists and has been described as: “An underground Super-Group!”
The band members include JERRY HARRISON (Talking Heads); BILLY FICCA (Television) ERNIE BROOKS (The Modern Lovers) and of course GARY LUCAS (Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band, Jeff Buckley).
The album also features guest lead vocal performances by DAVID JOHANSEN (New York Dolls) on the lead track serviced to radio “One Man’s Meat”, ELLI MEDEIROS (Stinky Toys) and ALABAMA 3.
Coming Clean is the first album by Gary Lucas or Gods and Monsters to receive a full (non-import) UK release despite a large cult following.