Genepool Distribution was set up in 2004 to gather together a family of labels who wanted to release some records and currently we are working with around 50 labels.

We utilise the lovely people at Universal and their sales and distribution network. We also tap into their digital structure, so you can do a full UK physical and digital release....or visit the 'In A Band?' section of this site if you are on a budget but still want to sell some records.

Drop us an email if you would like more information on our services

Want to release your CDs, Vinyl or MP3's? Maybe we can help...
Best Sellers
  1. Far Side Virtual (Clear Heavy Vinyl) - JAMES FERRARO
  2. Leader Of The Starry Skies - A Tribute To Tim Smith. Songbook 1 - Various Artists - Friends of Tim Smith
  3. It's Briiixmaaas! - VARIOUS ARTISTS
  4. It's Briiixmaaas! - VARIOUS ARTISTS
  5. Upon A Painted Ocean - ADMIRALS HARD
  6. Live At Union Chapel - ATHLETE
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