Want Genepool to sell your released CDs/Vinyl?

It is really this straightforward….you send us your stock (or contact us for manufacturing if you need some!) fill in the form below and we will take care of everything else.

What will it cost?

You get paid 85% of sales of each item sold. We take 15% which covers ALL credit card fees/transaction fees -  and the time it takes us to sort everything out into jiffy bags and get paper cuts etc.

What Next?

The info you enter below will be used to describe your release on theGenepool.co.uk so make sure it is all to your liking (we can amend any fat fingered mistakes later though so don’t worry).

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If you do not have a packshot in this format please discuss it with us when we contact you to process your stock.
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Your mp3 must be no larger than 3MB and should be a sample of your release. The Mp3 will be embeded on your release page.
I understand Genepool will contact me to arrange payment as per the pricing schedule above and to discuss delivery of stock and I agree to the Terms & Conditions of this offer

Please note: It may take a little while to upload your packshot and samples so please be patient and only click the button below once and wait until you get an error or success message.


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